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WordPress Login screen

Why Choose WordPress?

Posted by Daniel Jauk, 1st August 2014 |No Comments >>

At Enigma Digital, many of our customers wonder why choose WordPress? The answer boils down to three features that we believe gives WordPress an advantage over any other website framework in the market. 1) It’s Flexible and Scalable WordPress is easy-to-use and allows you to i…

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Notice to customers – Heartbleed Bug

Posted by Maeve, 14th April 2014 |No Comments >>

Hello customers. As many of you will be aware, a newly discovered security vulnerability, dubbed Heartbleed, has been wreaking havock across the internet this last week. The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in certain versions of the OpenSSL cryptographic software librar…

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speeding up wordpress

How to speed up your WordPress site

Posted by Maeve, 17th March 2014 |2 Comments >>

There are literally thousands of articles on the web with solutions for speeding up your WordPress site. I’ve spent a great deal of time testing and evaluating the options to come up with an action plan for speeding up the several hundred WordPress sites we run here at Enig…

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Enigma Plugins Site Launch

Posted by Maeve, 19th February 2014 |No Comments >>

As you may or may not know, Enigma Digital has developed and maintains a bunch of WordPress plugins. To date I’ve been doing the majority of the support on the official forums but it’s got to a point where I feel the plugins need their own home – s…

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How to adjust WHMCS to run Whois for Australian TLDs

Posted by Maeve, 3rd December 2013 |No Comments >>

I noticed when I updated our WHMCS system this week that I can no longer run proper WHOIS searches on Ausrtalian TLDs (that is and so on). It was showing whether the domain was available or not, but was no longer showing full WHOIS info. The fix was simple…

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